FAQs - One-On-One & Group Coaching

What is gardener-coaching? Are you a garden coach who will teach me how to take care of my plants, tell me when to prune my hydrangeas, etc?
Cultivating The Inner Gardener coaching focuses on people, not plants. That's why I call it gardener-centric coaching. There are already plenty of books, classes, and websites overflowing with horticultural information, and garden coaches, extension agents, and radio program hosts to answer your plant care questions.

I do something completely different. I help you learn to garden from the inside out, in order to bring more meaning and satisfaction to your experience of gardening. My program makes it easy for you to move into a mental space that allows you to rediscover and focus on the things that really matter to you, restore meaning to your gardening efforts, and revitalize a cherished pastime.

Of course we'll talk about specific plants and landscape design, but in the context of how you choose to express yourself in and through your garden.

Who is Cultivating The Inner Gardener coaching designed to reach?
If you want to enhance the way you approach the gardening process, to express more of your own personality and creativity through gardening, learn how body/mind/spirit plays itself out in gardening activities, and increase the pleasure you get from gardening, then Cultivating the Inner Gardener coaching is right for you.

Experienced gardeners can become bored with the repetitive maintenance involved in gardening, such as weeding, mulching, pruning, fertilizing, and spring clean-up; novice gardeners can get overwhelmed by not knowing where to start. Both can get the help they need in Cultivating The Inner Gardener, where they'll find out how shifting their perspective can create a special connection between the gardening process and their most cherished values and memories.

You don't even have to be a gardener. Perhaps you just want to learn to appreciate gardens as living works of art, to create an inspiring outdoor yoga or meditation space, learn how to garden sustainably, or establish a peaceful backyard retreat. 

Who is Cultivating The Inner Environmentalist coaching designed to reach?
Cultivating the Inner Environmentalist coaching is designed to help professionals and volunteers develop an intimate, holistic relationship with their calling so that they can build up the internal resources they'll need to change societal attitudes and environmental regulations without having that struggle lead to bitterness and disappointment.

It is also for gardeners whose primary goal is to reconnect to the Earth by restoring and maintaining natural habitat on their land through native plantings and sustainable practices.

How does one-on-one coaching work? 
Send me an initial e-mail at loisj7@gmail.com with your basic contact information, including address. Include a brief explanation of the three most pressing issues related to how your garden, or gardening efforts, are not as rewarding as you'd like them to be – enough so that I get a sense of where to begin. If you like, you can also send two or three digital photos of your garden.

Each month, we’ll do two separate 30-minute phone sessions where you call me at pre-scheduled times. In between, we’ll maintain contact by e-mail. Because resolving these issues takes time, I recommend a three-month initial commitment. This establishes a solid foundation on which you can build by picking up where you left off, on a month-to-month basis, at whatever pace is comfortable for you.

The coaching can also be done entirely by e-mail. Let me know your preference.

What can I expect beyond the phone call or e-mail sessions?

As with most things in life, what you get out of coaching depends upon what you put into it. During our sessions, I’ll address the issues you raise and recommend assignments or exercises for you to work on before our next call or e-mail session. The approach and issues involved will be different for each gardener of course, since these reflect your most heartfelt desires, personality, etc., as well as more practical matters, such as the resources you can devote to developing this intimate, holistic relationship with your environment.

I’ll help you identify your fondest garden memories, your values, and the meaning gardening holds for you; create a gardening program that incorporates those feelings; and translate all of that into the specific investments of time, money, and effort needed to achieve the gardening goals that you, yourself, have defined. I’ll cheer you on, but also make sure that you stay focused.

My garden already excites me. What would this coaching do for me?

Cultivating The Inner Gardener coaching isn't for everyone, but you may want to explore whether your gardening experience could be improved.

Even the most perfectly designed, luxuriant, flower-filled space that addresses practical questions such as where to put the barbecue or the patio, is not producing the kind of satisfaction that’s possible by gardening from the inside out if it doesn’t resonate with your personal values, meanings, and memories,

If you want to enhance the way you approach the gardening process, to express more of your own personality and creativity through gardening, learn how body/mind/spirit plays itself out in gardening activities, and increase the pleasure you get from gardening, then Cultivating the Inner Gardener coaching is right for you.

How much does one-on-one coaching cost?

Each month is payable in advance at $250/month for two 30-minute phone or e-mail sessions, with unlimited e-mail in between. ($750 initial 3-month commitment is recommended).

When you make the commitment to garden from the inside out, you establish a clear path that takes you directly to where your heart wants to go. You invest thoughtful time up front that eliminates confusion and expensive mistakes later. Discussing your vision of the garden with contractors and making decisions becomes easy, because you've done the important work of planning a space that harmonizes with your personal dream of what a garden can be.

I can't afford $250/month. Do you have lower-priced alternatives?

I understand. Perhaps circumstances will change and we’ll be able to work together in the future.

While it doesn’t offer the same personal touch or level of support and accountability, I offer two alternatives, group coaching and a 10-lesson cyberclass. 

Group Coaching
If you get up to 10 gardening friends or club members together and work with me as a group, the per-session fee is $1,500 plus expenses for six hours (a $3,000 value). You won't get the same level of individual attention as you would in personal coaching, but you'll come away with the new ideas, inspiration, and perspectives that arise in a group setting. And, if you choose to, you can continue to leverage that knowledge and experience after our group session concludes.

10-Lesson Online Class
For only $25, you can sign up through my website for 10 lessons sent once each week, and start at any time. Just click here to go to the on-line course description page. Clicking on "Enroll in Course" at the description page will take you to the sign-up form.

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